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Test booking

We offer free study material when you book your theory test with us.

Lessons booking

We offer intensive driving courses to suit individual requirements and time

Lessons booking

You will have the option of taking manual driving lessons or automatic driving lessons. Some people will decide that as automatic is considered to be the easier option, that is the one that is right for them.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a practical training course and for drivers to improve their driving skills to drive more safely.


Our approved professional driving instructors have a lot of experience in bringing confidence to first time and nervous learners of all ages.

BSM provides flexible driving lessons and driving theory lessons.

Our instructors are fully qualified and high graded

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"The level of service was 10/10 would recommend to anyone one of the best in instructors out there hands down"




If you are not only looking to pass the test, but having skills for life as well, Ade is your man. He tailored my lessons according to what i needed most improvement in and placed it in the mock tests. My exam slot had all the factors in place for a nervous person like me to fail (Barking, 8:10am, raining) but i managed to sail through the exam and found it to be quite simple to do. Those mock tests did the trick.

Thank you for your patience, Ade. I will definitely be recommending you to everyone i know.




Excellent teaching!
I passed first time with this driving school, the teacher was patient and understanding and worked within my given time limit. Highly recommend, focused of key areas which I needed work on and practiced test routes numerous times in order to feel confident. Very punctual and understanding with time. Great service



Best driving instructor I’ve had to be honest, ade is a great guy, he taught me how to drive in no time and also passed first time, I would 100% recommend anyone who wants to learn to got to Ade.
Thanks for everything