Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are best for those who want to learn driving in a slower pace and have plenty of time to practice driving regularly.  It is important to note that driving lessons should not be neglected as they are essential for developing good driving skills and confidence behind the wheel.

These lessons typically focus on teaching you the rules of the road, proper vehicle control and operation, and defensive driving techniques. They include practice driving sessions, where you can get behind the wheel and start learning to drive on your own.

BSM offer both Manual and automatic driving courses

Manual driving lessons

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BSM offers manual lessons in which the student learns how to operate a vehicle with a manual transmission. In a manual transmission vehicle, the driver is responsible for shifting gears manually.

The advantage of doing manual lessons is when you have passed your test after receiving manual driving lessons, you will be able to drive a manual car or an automatic car.

Automatic driving lessons

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Automatic driving lessons is useful for people who are more comfortable with the automatic transmission system, or who have disabilities and it is difficult to operate a manual transmission

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