1. How do I find an instructor?

 You need look no further we only use fully qualified instructors (Where have I heard that before?). Driving schools can be found using local directories and obviously the Internet. Large and well-known schools have instructors across the country and there will certainly be one in your area although I am sure we should be able to help you out.

2. How many hours of instruction do I need?

This varies from student to student and will depend on a number of factors arranged below in an approximation of what is regarded as the most important abilities or skills that will effect and influence your rate of learning and the number of lessons needed to make you a safe driver able to sit the practical exam.

Have you driven before, where, what and to what extent? ( Driving is very much like riding a bicycle, unless you suffer some serious injury or mental infliction you do not forget it. You may be a little rusty but it is easily picked up again.)

  1. Motorcycle riding and bicycle riding under heavy traffic conditions will also have developed your road crafts and will be used as a basis to augment the learning process?
  2. Your Age. (The younger you are the easier it is to learn to drive.)
  3. Your technical intellect. (The more technically orientated you are the easier it is for you to understand what you are doing and learning in the driving experience.)
  4. Have you played sport and at what level? (A measure of your athletic dexterity. Physical multitasking.)
  5. Your capacity to retain information given verbally and to apply in practical terms what you have learnt. (Some of us are not very practical and it takes longer to convert that which has been learnt into physical action.)

3. What car choices do I have?

The majority of people learn to drive in a manual car. However, it's possible to take lessons in an automatic car, which is usually easier to drive. The major difference is a manual car has gears and three foot pedals, including the clutch that is operated with the left foot. An automatic car has an automatic gearbox that changes the gears for you and only two foot pedals which are operated with the right foot.

It is totally up to you what type of car you choose but you must be aware that if you pass the practical driving test in an automatic car you will not be licensed to drive a manual. If you pass in a manual you can drive both legally.

We give driving lessons in automatic as well as Manual.

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5. Intensive driving courses guaranteed Pass?

This is specialised driving crash course which will enable the student to do a intensive driving course in a record time. You will need to get a quick driving test booking.